Hi! Welcome to his official website.
He has a keen interest in web technologies and programming.
Experimenting and learning new stuff is his passion.

Listed below are his diverse set of skills ranging from
web design, api development and linux server administration.

Along with Development
    (PHP, Codeigniter, Laravel, Symfony2, Magento)
    (SEO, Content Writing, Bootstrap, javascript)
    (AJAX, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, Wordpress, Propel)
    (Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Redis, Mongoose)
    (React, Redux)

Behind The Terminal
    (Centos, Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL, bash scripting, infosec, Linux, Amazon Web Service)

Geek Concepts
    (API designing, REST, HTTP specs, Open Graph, PSR Standards, Flux Arch)
    (Responsive Design, Cloud Computing, ORM, Relational Databases, NoSQL)

Tools Of Choice
    (putty, Git, Sublime Text, PHPStorm, Adobe Photoshop, Composer, LAMP stack, Virtualbox, Vagrant)


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GIT/O d- s++:++ !a C+++ UL++ P+ L++ E--- W++(+++) N o? K+ w+ !O !M V !PS !PE Y+ PGP+ t@ 5@ X@ R@ tv++ b+ DI++ D+@ G+(++) e* h* !r !z+ ?